How To Choose The Perfect Stage Heels December 27 2017, 1 Comment

Stage heels need to be a great fit, not only for your feet but also for your state of mind - you need to look and most importantly feel good in your shoes. The right shoes that fit well, look good and feel great will give you more confidence on stage, without worrying about loose shoes clunking on the stage or worse still, making you wobble. Like the Pleaser Shoes Lip 101 below, your shoes should be the perfect shoe for you. They are the finishing touch to all the hard work you've put into your physique.

Pick a pair that you feel comfortable in and make sure they look good with your suit and your physique. The right shoe will enhance the flex in your calf and make your legs look much longer and leaner.

If you're entering a competition, check the rules to make sure you choose the right shoe for your category, or you could lose points. A 5 inch heel or higher looks great, but only if you can walk in them comfortably. Wobbling around like a baby giraffe in too-high heels doesn’t look good on stage. Go for a 4 or 4.5 inch heel if you’re not confident in higher heels, but check the rules for your category. If you can’t walk confidently in higher heels then check out the Pleaser Shoes Clear Detachable Ankle Straps, which you can buy separately then choose whether to wear them on the night.

Here's the thing about coloured heels on stage: clear shoes will make your legs look longer, and as a general rule coloured shoes will make your legs look shorter. Rhinestone bling looks great under lights and will help you to stand out and be noticed. One of the most popular shoes for fitness competitions and performance wear is this one below, the Pleaser Shoes Elegant 408. If ankle straps are not your thing then there's the equally gorgeous Pleaser Shoes Elegant 401 - just the same but without the ankle strap. 

       Pleaser Elegant 408

The Elegant is a beautiful shoe but it won't fit comfortably if you have wide feet. For wide feet, check out our Wide Fit Collection, which includes a whole bunch of Cocktail styles - these are the most comfortable, cushioned shoes for wide feet and you will feel like you are walking on air. 

Cocktail 501SDT

Since posing is the most important part of your performance, wearing a shoe you can’t walk in can make you feel and look uncomfortable. When you feel uncomfortable on stage, it can show on your face and can most definitely show in your posing. You should not be focusing on your shoes and trying not to trip or fall over.


Choose a platform shoe carefully. Make sure you are tall enough to carry off the platforms heavier than 1 1/2 inch. Too high a platform can look heavy and sound clunky on stage. Ankle straps can be great because they provide a little more support and security that the shoe will not slip off while you are on stage. Just make sure you have enough time between routines if you have to get them on and off, if you're nervous and shaky you might need someone else to do this for you.

                                                                                                   Cocktail 508SDT

And a final word of advice once you've found your perfect shoes. Take them home, put them on and practice practice practice. Walk around in your shoes at home, practice posing in them. Wear them to cook dinner if you want to, it doesn’t matter what you do in them, just get used to wearing them so that on the day you will look and feel your absolute best.